There are no Macedonians among the victims in the Australia wildfires, said Ico Najdovski, secretary of the Macedonian community in Australian federal state of Victoria.
"Information reported in certain media that a four-member Macedonia family was killed in the fires is not true. There are damages, but no Macedonian casualties thus far", stated Najdovski.
Monastery "St. Kliment Ohridski" in area King Lake was burnt to the ground. Victoria emigrants have already launched activities for reconstruction of the first Macedonian monastery abroad, built in 1973.
Australian federal state of Victoria is almost entirely hit by the wildfires in the past 4-5 days. Temperatures have risen up to 48C, accompanied by strong winds up to 100kmh. The death toll has surpassed 180, along with 750 houses and 400,000 hectares of forests burnt.


Macedonia artist Natasa Dimovska-Uzunovska presents five art photographs at the annual international exhibition of female authors at the Geneva Headquarters of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
The exhibition includes participants from 25 countries, presenting more than 60 artworks in different techniques - canvass, aquarelle, graphic, sculpture, photography.
The display is organized by the women's organization within the UN Office in Geneva, under the auspices of WIPO Director-General Francis Gurry.



















































Following a four-month break, Macedonian-Greek talks on overcoming differences over the use of Macedonia's constitutional name resume in New York on Wednesday.
UN mediator Matthew Nimetz will sit for the first time at the same table new Macedonian negotiator Zoran Jolevski and Ademantios Vassilakis of Greece.
According to announcements from both countries, Nimetz will not present a new proposal at this round of talks. The meeting will focus on precising positions of both parties, as well as review of ideas and suggestions regarding the negotiating process. Both Macedonia and Greece remain on their official positions - double formula by the former, i.e. one name in bilateral communication with Athens and the constitutional name for all other countries, whereas the latter on one name with geographic determinant for general use.
The prospects for progress at today's meeting in New York are modest, report Greek media. "Kathimerini" endorses this conclusion with the latest statements by Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyiannis and Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski.
Bakoyiannis told Albanian newspaper "Panorama" there is no positive atmosphere between the two countries dues to "series of provocations from Skopje", while Gruevski said at the Munich Security Forum that Greece undermines regional peace and security with its behavior, reiterating that Skopje would not alter its tactics.
The last formal meeting between Nimetz and the countries' negotiators was held in New York on October 8, when the mediator tabled a "set of ideas", which both Skopje and Athens assessed as unacceptable.
Greece has denied the right of the Republic of Macedonia to use its constitutional name for 17 years, saying it demonstrates territorial pretensions towards the namesake northern Greek province. Due to the opposition and pressures by Athens, Macedonia's UN accession on April 8, 1993 was carried out under interim reference "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", which is valid until present.
Political relations have worsened since Greece's veto on Macedonia's NATO accession at last year's Bucharest Summit, which Macedonia assessed as violation of the 1995 Interim Treaty, which reads that Greece would not obstruct Macedonia's accession in international organizations under the interim reference. This has resulted in Macedonia filing a suit against Greece before the Hague-based International Court of Justice.